To Nona Gio's Home


The restaurant of the Dormì e Disnà bed and breakfast, Nona Giò, is managed by Jasmeen and Giuseppe starting from June 2023. 

After spending several years abroad, we returned to Italy and offer a menu with genuine ingredients, prepared in a way that guarantees our customers a unique experience, which will vary depending on the seasonality and availability of local products

We met in Copenhagen, where he worked as a chef and I worked as a baker and pastry chef, specializing in sourdough fermentation. Together, we decided to combine our passions, experiences, and ideas and bring them to life in the beautiful village of Fornesighe

We can’t wait to welcome you to our restaurant, offering you a service that will make your stay in Val di Zoldo even more enjoyable.


At the core of our cuisine lies respect and care for the raw ingredients.

Our idea is to encapsulate in each dish taste, elegance, and creativity without overshadowing the quality ingredients from which they are composed, following the natural flow of seasons. In our menu, you will find typical dishes from the entire Veneto region and beyond, featuring fresh seafood from the lagoon, meat from local butcher shops in the foothills, and vegetables from our garden and small local shops.

Everything served is fresh and homemade, such as bread, pasta, preserves, and liqueurs.

The wine selection ranges from classic bottles from the Triveneto area to a wide array of natural wines, which are made with minimal human intervention. The fermentation process is driven by naturally occurring yeasts on the grape skins, making it a highly digestible product crafted with the substances that nature provides.


The house of Nona Giò

The restaurant of the Dormì e Disnà bed and breakfast was renovated in 2019. This used to be the home of Mrs. Giovanna, where the family and grandchildren would gather to eat together around the fireplace. Hence the name of the restaurant in the local Zoldo dialect, which becomes “Nona Giò” (Grandma Giò).

From the terrace of the establishment, you can admire the beauty of the Belluno Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage site since 2009.